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General notice   

Internet Security

Web users accessing are informed about the risks tied to the Internet's technical specificities. cannot guarantee that the information exchanged via HomeAway France services will not be intercepted by other parties nor that confidentiality is totally guaranteed.

The user's Responsibility

The HomeAway France company displays on the site information, photos, maps, software and services developed by other parties.
The HomeAway France company does not take part in their creation and development and so cannot guarantee that they be appropriate, reliable, relevant, exact or exhaustive. In consequence, it is the users's duty to utilise the information on the site carefully, and to conduct any verification under his/her own responsibility.

Warning About Links to Other Sites

The sites contains links to other sites. The HomeAway France company cannot exert permanent control over these sites nor be responsible for their content. The creation of these links does not mean that the HomeAway France company approves of the content of these sites. The HomeAway France company cannot be held responsible for the content of these sites, and the fact that these sites appear on the site does not, under any circumstances, invoke the HomeAway France company's responsibility.

The HomeAway France company does not guarantee any of the following :

· The truthfulness, veracity, quality, completeness and the exhaustiveness of the sites' contents ;

· The sites' relevance and exhaustiveness ;

· The sites' functioning and access difficulty.
In consequence, the HomeAway France company cannot be held responsible in case of litigation occurring between a site linked to the site and a user. The managers of the sites linked to the site are solely responsible for the observance of the rules applicable to products or services offered to users, and notably the laws and regulations regarding:

· Mail order selling,

· Consumer protection,

· False or misleading advertisements,

· Prices,

· The products and services' compliance, regulations specific to the products and services considered.
The HomeAway France company's position is irrevocable and meets legal obligations.

Rules relating to different services   

Warning about advertisements displayed. The HomeAway France company can under no circumstances be held responsible for the content or absence of truth of the information in the advertisement displayed on the site insofar that these advertisements are written by third parties under their sole responsibility. The teams will verify each advertisement in the sole aim of detecting a failure to respect the legislation in force on the protection of people and goods. The user must use the information carefully and conduct all verification under his/her exclusive responsibility. Practical outlines and information sections can be consulted on the site. The HomeAway France company is the author of the information, photos, maps, data and services that it displays in the different sections. However, some information is collected from third parties and the HomeAway France company cannot guarantee their accuracy, reliability, pertinence or exhaustiveness.

Web etiquette   

The user is informed about the existence of rules and uses in force on Internet, known under the name "Netiquette" as well as the different ethics codes accessible on Internet.

Protection of people and property   

The user recognises that the HomeAway France company wishes to promote honest use of the Internet and in line with the accepted standards of good behaviour. In consequence, the user promises to not utilise the site for illicit aims and notably, to not display or circulate messages or information, whatever the form or nature, that are:

· contrary to public order or accepted standards of good behaviour,

· contrary to the respect of private life,

· of offensive, slanderous, racist, xenophobic or revisionist nature or that damage a person's reputation,
· inciting hate and discrimination,

· threatening a person or a group of persons,
· of pornographic or paedophilic nature,

· encouraging criminal acts, offences or terrorist acts or praising war crimes or crimes against humanity,

· encouraging suicide acts,

· violating legislation on correspondence confidentiality or in general, contrary to a regulation or law in force. The user also promises to :

· not use HomeAway France company's services or personal information to which he/she could have access for commercial ends and in general, to offer products and services for which he/she will be paid directly or indirectly,

· not limit by any way the use of the Homelidays site or falsify any comment or element on the site,

· not hack into the system, alter its content or violate the law: articles 323-1 to 323-7 of the penal code, to not send many unsolicited e-mails to other users ("spamming").
The HomeAway France company's position is irrevocable and meets legal obligations.

Intellectual property rights   

Certain elements (notably editorial, graphic and illustrations) displayed on the site are protected by intellectual property rights. All publication, reproduction or propagation, in France as well as abroad, of all or part of the set of themes is forbidden except with the HomeAway France company's express consent.

The site content displayed by the Homeliday's company is protected by copyrights. All partial or complete copies, particularly for commercial or advertising purposes need to be the subject of a written consent by the HomeAway France company. Only reproduction, for unique and personal purposes, of opinions, product evaluations or excerpts on condition that the key and other references are not erased or falsified is authorized. All other reproduction, distribution or publication without the Homeliday's company authorization beforehand is forbidden. This copy of authorization must be asked for via this form.

Restriction of access   

The HomeAway France company reserves the right to refuse access to all or part of the site, to any user, unilaterally and without prior notification, notably in case of a user's manifest violation of the present legal warning.

Modification of present terms and conditions   

The HomeAway France company reserves the right to modify the terms, conditions and warnings of the present legal warning under the French law. In consequence, the HomeAway France company recommends you regularly read the present clauses so as to be informed of all possible modifications.

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